Containerized Restaurants

Repurposing a shipping container takes a certain type of skill set and precise knowledge to make a project work both structurally and functionally. Our manufacturers, located throughout the country, have many years of detailed experience in fabrication, construction, and installation. We makes no design compromises and offers a superior product at an industry best timeline. We pride ourselves at designing and repurposing our products in the United Arab Emirates.

We have a firm commitment to sustainable development by using newly recycled containers for projects. Each container can be outfitted with complete high efficiency kitchen equipment and LED lighting to help offset energy costs. The repurposed modular design makes it easy to reduce costs and allow a multitude of opportunities while being eco-friendly.

The containers can be placed anywhere and then moved to a perfect spot. The containers can be placed in areas that are deemed blighted space like an old gas station or factories giving new life to abandoned areas. Unlike brick and mortar concepts and existing on road food trucks, the containers can be shipped virtually anywhere using conventional transit options and standard shipping sizes, utilizing major freight carrier strategic partnerships.


  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor uses
  • Turn key modular kitchens/food service/retail
  • Full restaurant solutions
  • Full retail solutions
  • Self contained generators, water systems, and grease traps
  • Mobile structure that can function as a permanent structure
  • Large or small scale projects


  • Modular and interchangeable with changeable fixtures, furnishings and
  • Easily transported and designed for safety, quick deployment, and effortless handling
  • Visible marketing during opening, transportation and when securely closed on location
  • Quick set-up that requires minimal staff for safe and rapid deployment and cost savings
  • Custom and unique designs that can be fully self-contained with electricity and water


  • Property owners are able to have a temporary or permanent revenue driver
  • Business can be up and running in very little time
  • Permitting is possible but not necessary in some cases
  • Cost is less than building out a brick and mortar restaurant or retail solution
  • Builds economic revival and commerce to blighted or unusable areas
  • Highlight brands and build brand identification
  • Established chains can produce revenue during renovation or new
  • Support regional/national festivals and events
  • Ability to service hard to reach locations
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