Light Gauge Steel Structure

We can supply light gauge steel structures built from lightweight steel sections. Emirates Porta cabin LLC’s innovative light gauge steel structure is a fast construction system employing cold rolled galvanized steel frames to design and shape strong steel framed buildings for both commercial and industrial buildings.

Steel has long been a preferred material for large construction ventures like warehouses, schools, supermarkets, etc. at the beginning of industrial-level construction. The in-built strength and design flexibility of light gauge structure construction allow improved spans, custom openings, and curved walls. Thus, making it a multipurpose choice of building material.

The ductility of steel makes this super-strong metal fit for high rises subject to high winds and probable earthquake. Our perspective is concentrated on rationalizing the essential components within the building to deliver a more efficient light gauge steel construction. The materials are attached off-site then carried to the site and fixed in place. With concrete and pre-panelised steel joist floors, the light gauge steel frame structure delivers a whole superstructure as well as a cost-effective building methodology.

The architects choose the material since LGS structures are lighter than wood-framed structures but have the same strength. It saves the number of required materials and makes steel affordable. Light gauge steel sections permit instant construction without hefty tools or equipment. All elements can effortlessly be carried by hand.

Light gauge steel structures are apt for housing, government housing projects, medical centres, apartment buildings, assisted living communities, labour camps, mosques, and more. The sheet surface is covered with a zinc alloy that fully shields the steel surface and protects it from the corrosive environment. These make buildings last longer and more prone to natural disasters.

It is stress-free to alter or modify this construction at any point in its lifetime. Emirates Porta cabin LLC aims to present the world’s best quality steel structured building solutions to our customers in GCC. The material reduces construction time which results in many benefits like the decrease of the price, and timely deliveries of projects; empowering constructors to undertake more projects.

It is vital to know that light steel frame construction buildings want further care during the design and in conditions where there are point loads and large momentum. As a flexible material, steel frame systems are load-bearing, creating them fit for low, medium and high-rise structures and renovations. Also, they won’t decay, split, twist, burn or become termite’s food.

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